typescript cannot use namespace as a type

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How to fix 'Cannot use namespace as a type ts(2709)' in typescript. If it is not set to a truthy value, it sets the value of the variable to an empty object. Abstract classes are useful for designing large, scalable applications in TypeScript. In this section, you will run through one of the scenarios where namespaces are useful: creating module declarations for external libraries. It will lead you through code samples of declaring and merging namespaces, how namespaces work as JavaScript code under the hood, and how they can be used to declare types for external libraries without typing. [Solved] how to pull specific repo for rebuilding android images. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'm loading a third-party library called sorted-array and using it like this: However, I get this error: Cannot use namespace 'SortedArray' as a type.ts(2709).